Analytics is defined as the “science of logical analysis.” Marketing analytics is therefore the science of logical analysis of marketing efforts and results to improve performance. There are numerous useful analytics tools and techniques available to the modern marketing professional. However, the problem that usually sits at the root of failed analytics efforts is agreement on what results you are trying to improve. Our process-based approach removes that root cause of failure.

Our focus is to help you identify the right analytics for your situation and then implementing the right tools for analysis. This can include:

  • Marketing mix modeling
  • Customer segmentation
  • Campaign optimization
  • Lead scoring
  • Data mining
  • Customer retention and churn
  • Customer loyalty
  • Sales pipeline analysis

And of course all of the various web and social media analytics and Design of Experiments (DOE) methods.

Our real-world experience, process-focused approach, and two PhD senior staff members assures that you get the expertise you need to deploy the appropriate analytics tools for your specific requirements.

To find out how we would approach your specific needs: