Marketing Communications Effectiveness Assessment

Knowing how you’re doing is the first step towards improving. This Marketing Communications Effectiveness Assessment is based on a process view of the Marketing Communciations function. This Assessment can be used to understand the effectiveness of your complete marketing communications function or just your advertising function.

This Assessment takes about 10 minutes for you to complete. Once completed we will provide you a confidential report via email usually within 48 hours.

The questions asked in this Assessment are comprehensive in nature and will require that you have an involvement in the Marketing Communications or Advertising function or you will not be able to answer the questions well enough to receive a valid report. We will not be asking you for any proprietary or confidential information.

The total investment for this assessment and the written report is $197, payable after you have answered the questions. No strings or hidden charges are involved. And besides, once you see how effective this assessment tool is, you may be impressed enough to want to do more with us.

This assessment is only as accurate as you are honest with your answers. If you want a valid report, be brutally truthful with your answers.

Take the Marketing Communications Effectiveness Assessment