Just wanted to congratulate you once again, on the articles you publish. I read lots of sales related clips and yours are by far the most interesting and informative that I have read in a very long time.

Gerrie Viljoen, Sales and Marketing Manager
Exhibit Group New Zealand

Customer Manufacturing Updates

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I find your monthly newsletters enlightening, at times entertaining (like this month’s bank ad). They help me clarify my thinking. I also find it causes me to stop and think about what’s REALLY important.

Mark Olson, President
APG Cash Drawer

In addition to the new white paper, each issue focuses on a few timely topics you’ll find valuable in helping you improve your business. These are ad free, content rich issues that provide ideas you can use and insights to help you improve.

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I just wanted to comment on how much I enjoy your newsletter. They are just enough content that I can take 5 minutes, read the articles and then set aside time to dig into them more if I desire.

Bernadette Edseth, Product Manager
Pharmacy OneSource


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With Snakes on the Plane 1-1 story, and Just Looking story, this is the best Marketing email I’ve ever received. Keep them coming!!

Mac Hadden, President
Standard Services Company

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