While our focus is on developing marketing and sales related dashboards, our dashboard tool can also be used for any other management dashboard required, so if you like its easy to use and unique communications interface, you can expand its usage beyond just marketing and sales.

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As others have correctly stated, a dashboard is typically a mutli-layered graphical tool that brings relevant information about performance to the attention of those who need it. Done well this dashboard will provide the right information in a way that facilitates appropriate business decisions and improves process performance.

Developing the correct set of measurements for any process is always a challenge. Measuring the wrong things is not only wasteful, it can easily lead to bad decisions.

We can assist you in developing useful dashboards based on the right set of metrics and measurement points. Our method focuses on assuring you have a useful understanding of the process you want to measure, monitor and improve, and then working with you to develop a comprehensive set of measurements to allow you to effectively manage the process. Once that is accomplished we offer a powerful and unique platform to present this information in a dashboard format that also functions as a communications platform for all involved.

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