Marketing/Sales Alignment Assessment

If your Sales and Marketing functions get along as if one was from Mars and the other from Venus, you have a classic alignment disconnect. You’re not alone; it’s a problem companies have been grappling with for decades.

How to resolve the disconnect.
We take a process approach to understanding the disconnects between your Marketing and Sales. Unlike other, more common approaches, this can uncover the root causes of these problems in your organization and allow you to fix them.

Use our Marketing/Sales Alignment Assessment to help you get to the real issues. The questions you’ll answer in this unique, process-based Assessment are comprehensive in nature and require you to involve your Marketing or Sales function. If you don’t involve those functions, you won’t be able to answer the questions well enough to receive a valid report – the assessment is only as accurate as you are honest with your answers. To get the greatest benefit, be brutally truthful.

Which assessment is right for you?

Your company is involved in a complex sale
If you are B2B or the ultimate user of your goods or services is is sold via a multi-step sales process that involves an opportunity pipeline, then you should
Take the B2B Marketing/Sales Alignment Assessment

Your company’s products or services are used by consumers
Whether consumers buy directly, through channel, or are a so-called one-call close.
Take the B2C Marketing/Sales Alignment Assessment

Cost:Your total investment for this assessment and the written report is $197, payable once you have answered the questions. You’ll receive your report within 3 business days after you submit the questionnaire and there are no strings or hidden charges are involved.