Strategic Marketing

Our approach to marketing strategy development is based on our work in company strategy development using the strategic execution framework shown below:

See an enlarged version of the above graphic


Marketing strategies generally focus on creating new customers, retaining existing customers, increasing share of customer, or some combination depending on the goals set for marketing by the over-arching company strategy. We have definite opinions of what it takes to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Even then, sometimes it might be necessary for Marketing to drive a critical review of your business model.

We can assist you in strategy formulation, or in gaining a better understanding of your market and/or your position in that market to assure you create an effective, executable strategy.

As experienced, senior marketing professionals, we can also assist you with portions of the marketing strategy development process. This might include channel strategy, product/service positioning, market assessment, competitive analysis, and new product/service strategy.

To find out how we would approach your specific needs: