Web-based Marketing Processes

Linking find-ability to sales

Creating the unique, integrated, web-based marketing strategy for your business is vital and difficult. Where others focus only on Search-engine optimization (SEO) and search-engine marketing (SEM) — when you engage us, you gain the experience of a professional, experienced team who will competently guide you through the bigger picture with practical advice that links your web strategy to your entire marketing/sales strategy.

In today’s world most companies recognize that being found on the web is important, in some cases critical, to their success. Helping you be found on the web using various methodologies including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and pay-per-click is the primary emphasis of companies that specialize in search engine or Internet marketing. These valuable services are necessary components of your web-based marketing approach-yet are insufficient for your long-term success. Unlike firms which focus on SEO & SEM, we take a broader view.

Done well, developing a strategy and tactics to be found on the web includes at least:

  1. Understanding your business strategy
  2. A user-focused evaluation of your website
  3. A review of your key competitors’ websites
  4. Installation of analytics tracking tools on your site
  5. Keyword and key phrase agreement and mapping
  6. Modification of your site to optimize for the key words and key phrases
  7. Monthly tracking and modifications as required to maintain or improve find-ability (as opposed to the more important metric: sales conversions or at least sales opportunities)

More comprehensive programs may also include copywriting help, graphics improvement, traffic analysis, web page maintenance, social media assistance, white paper or video production, etc.

These are all potentially necessary and good things to do. However, like too many marketing activities, if done on a stand-alone basis, they can become just another tactic where hope is the strategy for getting more business from these efforts.

Using our approach, we work with you to integrate a comprehensive search engine or Internet marketing program, web-based engagement devices, and related activities into the rest of your marketing/sales tactics to create and maintain customers

Being found on the Internet is important … necessary … but not sufficient.

To maximize your revenues — and minimize your costs — you want to be found by web-visitors who are likely to convert to become your customers.

Where other firms measure success by “number one rankings,” we measure your revenues, costs and the relationship between them.

Your successful web-based marketing strategy is dependent on the degree to which you understand your visitor’s and can solve their problems, fulfill their aspirations and speak to their interests. We help you gain unparalleled insight into your visitor’s intentions in order that they convert to revenue with the greatest possible ROI.

Therefore our approach includes all of the activities that other search engine and Internet marketing companies include plus important additional activities necessary to assure that you have a web-based marketing program designed to create and keep customers, not just a website that places high in the organic search results.

As you might expect, it is a 3-Step process starting with Web-based Marketing Strategy Development:

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The second step is Tactics Development:

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And the final step is Implementation:

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If you would like to know about how we would approach your specific needs, you can call us or send an e-mail to info@customermfg.com