Podcasts and Other Downloads

We are posting audio and video downloads for you on this page.

Interview about using business process
Ralph Mroz and Mitch Goozé discuss the need for business process management in marketing/sales and why that concept is gaining traction with businesses today. Listen free

BBC Radio Ulster Interview
Mitch Goozé was interviewed on BBC Radio Ulster about dealing with economic downturns. Listen free to this five minute interview.

Presentation to the Commonwealth Club
Secrets to Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century was a presentation Mitch Goozé gave at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club. You can listen free to this one hour presentation. If you’d like to receive a complimentary copy of the slides used in that presentation, email Mitch with your request and he will email you back a pdf.

Radio Interview on Lean Thinking
This is a 30-minute radio interview with Mitch discussing the application of lean techniques and tools to non-manufacturing business processes. As with all the interviews on this page you can listen for free.

KCTE Business Hour Interview with Mitch Goozé
This is a 22-minute interview with Mitch on his views on marketing as an investment vs. expense, the value of process applied to marketing/sales, and a bit about constraint theory. As with the above interviews, you can listen for free.

KKZZ AM1400 Brainstormin’ Interview with Mitch Goozé
This 18 minute radio interview with Mitch focuses on putting Marketing in Perspective based on his book, It’s Not Rocket Science: Using Marketing to Build a Sustainable Business

BlogTalk Radio Interview on the CEO’s role in Marketing
Mitch was invited back for another interview on blogtalk radio. In this 30 minute interview, Mitch talks about the CEO’s role in marketing, including the importance of process management (you aren’t surprised by that we assume). Listen with our complements

Free iTunes podcast: Are You Really Customer Centric
Jeff Krawitz presented an online webinar with Citrix discussing the importance of and how to determine if your company is truly customer-centric. This podcast is only available via iTunes, though it is free to download. The page you are linked to has a bunch of podcasts, so you will need to search on the page for Jeff’s. (When we posted this it was #27 on the page.) We apologize, but we could not find a way to provide it to you other than this.

Short Videos on Process Management Applied to Marketing/Sales
View video clips on process management applied to marketing/sales as well as video interviews, etc. we’ve posted on YouTube.