Case Studies

If you are interested in learning more about specific, real-world examples of how marketing/sales process improvement generated results, you can read Case Studies from actual companies that we have helped.

All of the Case Studies are available for free download in pdf format.

Here are synopses of the available Case Studies:
Developing A New Product Development Process
A well-recognized developer and manufacturer of branded, high volume consumer products realized that their end-to-end life-cycle process (from product conception to delivery) was taking “too long” and placing them at a disadvantage in their highly competitive market.

Developing An Integrated Marketing/Sales Process To Regain Market Dominance
An established and growing multi-location company that had been the market leader found themselves in a position where their lead was eroding due to their inability to effectively manage their customer relationships. The disconnect between marketing and sales, and between the company and its customers was becoming a significant problem. The company’s processes for managing their demand chain were not sufficient to keep the company growing. Since every process is perfectly constructed to achieve the results it does, a new process was required.

Solving A Lead Qualification And Sales Performance Problem With Process Improvement
The right product for the right customers in the right market would seem to be all that a company could need for success. That is, unless, it was stumbling over its own inadequate systems, procedures, and processes. While expending enormous energy struggling to get through its own swamp, the company was losing market share to competitors in a rapidly growing market.
This is a petroleum products and services distribution company.

Realigning Marketing And Product Strategy To Fit The Market
The company was experiencing increasing pressure from a multitude of competitors in a highly fragmented market. The company’s product strategy and sales and marketing processes were not serving it in effectively competing in the market.
This is a speciality manufacturer of adhesive laminations and special purpose fabrics.

Solving Declining Sales With Buy/Sell Process Alignment
This company was experiencing a steady decline in sales in an increasingly competitive and growing market. Over the years its leadership position had eroded due to mis-steps and misalignments. An extensive realignment of its marketing/sales strategies and tactics were required.
This is a medical device company.

Re-engineering Marketing to Align with Market Conditions
This company had begun to lose significant market share. In this case the company’s internal processes and its customer relationship processes were not in alignment with the customers’ needs. A major restructuring of their marketing/sales operations and support technology was in order.
This is a financial services firm.

Using Business Process Improvement Teams To Increase Customer Satisfaction And Improve Performance
This company had begun to lose its competitive position because their customer-facing process, which used to be a competitive advantage, were slipping while their competitors were getting better. In addition, the company had grown rapidly and their processes had not adapted. We used business process improvement teams to help them create their own improvements and learn to use this approach to make on-going improvements. This is an investment management company.

Redesigning A Sales Process In A Turn-Around Situation
This company had misread their success in a booming market with their own performance execution. When the market tanked they went from boom to near the end of the line. They had effected an operational and financial turn-around, but their sales process was not sufficient and was now possibly going to actually prevent them from success. We used our methods to quickly identify what to do to fix their situation and implement the changes quickly and in a financially restricted environment.

How A Search Behavior Model Can Help You Target Your Customer’s Needs
Being found on the Internet is important for most businesses and critical for many. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a methodology used to help specific websites be found. However, it is often non-trivial to truly understand what to optimize for in terms of how people search. Understanding the search behavior of people looking for your goods or services is mandatory for effective search engine optimization.