White Papers on Analytics


Marketing Mix Modeling

Marketing Mix Modeling has been around for some time. It is a staple in the business-to-consumer marketing arsenal (at least in larger companies). However, the techniques have not been applied by the business-to-business marketer for several reasons. All of which are no longer relevant. This paper introduces the concept of Marketing Mix Modeling and, while touching on business-to-consumer applications, focuses on how it can be applied to business-to-business markets, by large and mid-size companies alike.

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Everyone is Talking about Big Data

Marketing campaign messages flash like neon lights about Big Data from nearly
all of the business intelligence (BI) vendors. Seminars on the subject appear
almost daily. Are we seeing just another technology fad or is there something worthwhile
behind all of this?
No question, your company has a lot of data. You may have invested in a data warehouse,
but chances are the data you work with comes from your accounting system,
sales team, suppliers, customers and more. Now, per the marketing literature, you have
to embrace Big Data to be successful.
If you are like most middle market companies, the task of making sense out of what
you already have in terms of data is challenging enough. This paper delves into the
relevance of Big Data for your business as well as explores the broader topic of Business
Analytics. The overriding objective of this paper is to address what matters in terms of
achieving marketing performance improvements for middle market companies.

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How Mid-Market Companies Can Leverage Enterprise Grade Analytics Tools Cost Effectively

While remaining strong believers in making sure Marketing professionals
spend plenty of time out with customers, the reality in today’s world is that
mid-market companies must acquire and learn to use analytics tools to help make
better decisions. Fortunately, enterprise-grade tools are now available to mid-market
companies at an investment that can return a positive ROI and a short payback period.
This paper discusses the current state of affairs.

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