White Papers on Brands and Branding


Brand Loyalty vs. Brand Insistence

Brand loyalty: The illusive nirvana for brand marketers. How do you achieve it? Can you know it if you have it? How do you keep it? While this paper is not long enough to answer all those questions (assuming it is even possible), it does take a look at an important issue in terms of of achieving true brand value. While it may be difficult to determine if you have achieved true, valuable brand loyalty, it is not impossible. For a higher probability of success, we suggest an alternative focus.

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Branding: Making A Name For Yourself

Is your brand just a name or something of value? Branding is all the rage and has been for the past several years. It has reached the point that in the year 2000 numerous dotcoms spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to create an “instant Brand.” It didn’t work, it won’t work, and the demise of many of those same dotcoms has followed. So what is branding, and how does it apply in your market, and how can you use the tool to help your company be more successful?

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Customer Focused Brand Positioning

Brand positioning and brand communication are important and difficult topics for most marketers. How to position your brand and how to communicate that position are critical to success.

The art of personality projection has been used by many brand managers to attempt to solve this problem. Projecting a personality onto a brand for positioning and communication can be a good idea. However, the methods previously used have been inadequate.

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Ingredient Branding: Leveraging Items Not Directly Purchased By The End Customer

Branding is all the rage in marketing today (again). While complex, the actions a brand marketer should take to build brand value with products or services directed to the end-customer are well documented. However, a substantial number of products and services are never sold directly to the end-customer. Can marketers of these “ingredients” take advantage of brand marketing? This paper looks at the various issues.

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