White Papers on CRM, SFA and Marketing Automation


Customer Relationship Management: Great Investment or Huge Expense

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology implementation is probably no the ‘silver bullet’ you are expecting. Too many users complain of a never-ending stream of updates, under-utilization, and a general postponement of the return on investment that you expected. It’s not technology or which CRM package you choose that’s the problem.

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Sales Forced Automation

Has your company recognized the need to become more customer-centric? To think outside-in instead of inside-out? Many companies have made that decision, at least by words. The proof comes from deeds or actions. For a number of these companies one of the first steps in their attempt to change is the belief that software tools are necessary to make this transition viable. While this may be true, it is not necessarily the best first step.

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Using Computers to Enhance Customer Manufacturing Productivity

The key element in many companies’ Customer Manufacturing automation efforts is their contact or account management system. These systems began as simple programs designed to help sales people improve their efforts with customers and prospects. Today they are high powered tools. As one of the three foundation elements in the Customer Manufacturing model, technology, applied correctly can improve results. Done poorly, it’s a waste of money, at best and a sales prevention tool at worst.

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