White Papers on Market Research


Can Research Really Help You Make Better Marketing Decisions?

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on market research ostensibly to help companies make better marketing decisions. Despite this effort, the vast majority of new products fail. Does that mean that you should not waste your money on market research? Perhaps it simply suggests that research alone is insufficient, or that the wrong kind of research is being attempted. This paper helps consider some of these issues.

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Considering Using Focus Groups as a Method of Market Research?

The basic philosophy behind the focus group methodology is that the dynamics of the group process will result in the generation of more useful information, on a cost-effective basis, than would otherwise be available. Although the focus group discussion will sometimes produce new ideas, the inputs generated by the group process frequently serves as a catalyst for you to develop new or improved ideas. Understanding the values and limitations of focus groups helps you use them correctly.

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How To Use Focus Groups As A Starting Point For Market Research

Focus group research is a qualitative method designed to gather in-depth thoughts from a small discussion group of people selected from a particular segment of the population. Focus group research is properly used as a starting point in a greater research project, such as a large scale mailed or online survey. In this white paper, the process of focus group research is discussed. Examples of the processes and pitfalls are presented, drawn from the substantial experiences of the authors.

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