White Papers on Marketing Operations


Closed-Loop Marketing/Sales Systems

Pressure is increasing in most companies to align marketing and sales activities. At least those marketing activities focused on the support of near-term sales. Gaining alignment between these two organizations and their often disconnected activities can be a challenge. However, increased competitive pressure requires a solution. This paper looks at the expanding role of “operations management” in marketing and sales as a potential solution to this issue.

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Marketing Dashboards

Management dashboards are not likely the “silver bullet” often hoped for. Marketing dashboards are no different. Too many marketing dashboards are nothing more than graphical depictions of information that was obtainable, rather than a tool to help improve performance. However, it does not have to be that way. Marketing dashboards, like their peers’ dashboards, can be useful tools to help manage the business process. You just have to start with the right end in mind.

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Marketing Mix Modeling

Marketing Mix Modeling has been around for some time. It is a staple in the business-to-consumer marketing arsenal (at least in larger companies). However, the techniques have not been applied by the business-to-business marketer for several reasons. All of which are no longer relevant. This paper introduces the concept of Marketing Mix Modeling and, while touching on business-to-consumer applications, focuses on how it can be applied to business-to-business markets, by large and mid-size companies alike.

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Measuring Marketing Accurately

In today’s world of marketing accountability, marketing performance management, marketing ROI and related catch phrases, measuring marketing is an oft-discussed topic in board rooms and C-suites. To measure marketing accurately requires first that you define what you expect marketing to accomplish. What outcome are you looking to achieve from the effort? As simple as that sounds, it is done too infrequently, which does not prevent the measurement discussion, though it precludes its usefulness.

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What is a Good Lead?

The Marketing/Sales disconnect continues unabated. This paper looks at specific issues causing the disconnect in the business-to-business world, with recommendations to close the divide.

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