White Papers on Promotion (including Trade Shows)


Creative Collateral

Big glossy brochure. Small 2-color flyers. Data sheets. Folders. And more. You probably have stacks of them filling up a storeroom. Maybe even a warehouse. Almost everybody does. What’s the purpose of all this? Well, it cost money so it must be valuable . . . right? Maybe. Then again, maybe not. The important questions are, how can you tell? And what can you do about it?


The 10 Biggest Tradeshow Mistakes Nearly Every Business is Making

Influence more buying decisions. Collect more highly qualified leads. Launch new products successfully. Position each trade show as a serious sales and marketing event. These are all good reasons for enhancing your trade show efforts. To make each trade show a success, you prepare, schedule, and coordinate everything within your span of control. And when the show opens, you then learn about trade show marketing mistakes.