White Papers on Promotion (including Trade Shows)


Creative Collateral

Big glossy brochure. Small 2-color flyers. Data sheets. Folders. And more. You probably have stacks of them filling up a storeroom. Maybe even a warehouse. Almost everybody does. What’s the purpose of all this? Well, it cost money so it must be valuable . . . right? Maybe. Then again, maybe not. The important questions are, how can you tell? And what can you do about it?

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The 10 Biggest Tradeshow Mistakes Nearly Every Business is Making

Influence more buying decisions. Collect more highly qualified leads. Launch new products successfully. Position each trade show as a serious sales and marketing event. These are all good reasons for enhancing your trade show efforts. To make each trade show a success, you prepare, schedule, and coordinate everything within your span of control. And when the show opens, you then learn about trade show marketing mistakes.

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