White Papers on Public Relations


5-Ways Mid-Size Companies Can Maximize Public Relations

Mid-sized companies, working around unique business plans or technologies, are often too cash-strapped to advertise their products. They need sales to stay in business and grow, but can’t afford the means to generate customer interest and sales. Advertising costs too much, and public relations firms require large monthly retainers. Here are five low cost ways mid-size companies can achieve their goals without having to drain their cash reserves.

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Bottom-Line PR

Properly used, public relations (PR) can be the most efficient, cost-effective marketing tool you have. But haphazard or unfocused public relations can become a great . . . and expensive . . . waste of time. Getting the most from your public relations efforts isn’t’ difficult. But is does demand discipline and above all, focus. When properly executed, the PR effort that goes in at the beginning will more than pay off at the end.

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Using the Press as Part of Your Market Relations Plan

To communicate effectively you must establish a properly focused market relations plan. Well established market relations activities bring your message to potential customers and industry trend setters more effectively. The press can be an important method for achieving your goals of increased awareness for your firm. Using the press as part of an overall market relations program is the focus of this paper.

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What’s the Real Difference Between Advertising and PR

While the differences between direct mail, customer surveys, collateral material, and trade show presence are obvious, sometimes management makes the mistake of viewing advertising and public relations as the same thing is a misconception that can easily undo the success of your carefully planned marketing program.

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Why PR No Longer Means Public Relations

Marketing tools like adverting, sales literature, and direct mail are widely employed by all types of business across all industries. But Public and Press Relations remain an under-utilized and misunderstood part of the plan. Why? There’s no single answer to why companies are more comfortable with standard marketing tools . . . but, there are a number of basic misconceptions surrounding PR that contribute to its lack, or misuse. To start, there is often confusion surrounding the definition of what PR is.

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