White Papers on Sales Operations


Closed-Loop Marketing/Sales Systems

Pressure is increasing in most companies to align marketing and sales activities. At least those marketing activities focused on the support of near-term sales. Gaining alignment between these two organizations and their often disconnected activities can be a challenge. However, increased competitive pressure requires a solution. This paper looks at the expanding role of “operations management” in marketing and sales as a potential solution to this issue.

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Sales Forced Automation

Has your company recognized the need to become more customer-centric? To think outside-in instead of inside-out? Many companies have made that decision, at least by words. The proof comes from deeds or actions. For a number of these companies one of the first steps in their attempt to change is the belief that software tools are necessary to make this transition viable. While this may be true, it is not necessarily the best first step.

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What is a Good Lead?

The Marketing/Sales disconnect continues unabated. This paper looks at specific issues causing the disconnect in the business-to-business world, with recommendations to close the divide.

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