White Papers on Sales


Are You Creating Customers Or Are You Just Selling?

Are your sales all you would like them to be? Is your ability to manage your sales activities as good as it should be? If the answer to either of these questions is no, perhaps the cause is that you’re people are “selling” rather than helping the right customers buy. This paper looks at the important distinction between selling and creating customers.

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The 7 Biggest Telesales Mistakes Nearly Every Business Makes

Maximizing the potential of your human resources and technology is key to increasing productivity, profits, and achieving success in your business. One of the tools available to every business is the telephone. But having this tool and using it effectively are two entirely different matters. This paper increases your awareness of the difficulties companies encounter when considering such a strategy, and how to improve your chance of implementing a successful system.

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The Nature of Sales: It’s More Than Just Getting An Order

Everyone has an opinion of what sales and selling are all about. Some view it as an honorable profession that requires substantial skills. Others view it as a less than desirable endeavor, the purpose of which is to convince people to buy something whether they need it or not. This paper looks at the nature of sales and selling from the buyer’s prospective and helps you to understand the implications as a seller.

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Stones in the Road: Increasing Your Close Rate By Helping Buyers Deal With Change

Too many potential buyers with clearly identified need, want, and demand, as well as an appropriate budget, still don’t buy. Modern sales methods have helped sales professionals target the right customers, surface their needs, and present an appropriate solution. Despite this, sales close rates are still quite low. This paper provides an understanding of why this situation continues to exist, and what to do to eliminate it.

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When Sales People Become Bread-Men

This paper was written by Abe WalkingBear Sanchez. Abe is an astute observer of the actual use of payment terms to facilitate commerce. His insights on sales metrics and the use of credit are unique and this paper reflects some of his thinking. He has given us permission to reprint it.

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