White Papers on Web-based Marketing


Reputation Management 101

Your presence on the Internet is critical to your success. Most companies do not have a proactive strategy to maintain a positive presence or deal with negatives that occur. They react or panic. Reputation management of your Web presence is becoming an important topic. Even USA Today ran a full page story recently on this topic. Our newest team member, Mark Sprague, knows a lot about this topic and has written this paper for your edification.

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Social Media: Is It Right For You?

New marketing communications technology and methods occur periodically. Radio and TV were new in their day, as was the Internet. And social media, or so-called Web 2.0, is the latest new, new thing you need to consider as part of your arsenal for communicating with current and would be customers. This paper takes a look at the major social media approaches (circa 2010/11) and, more importantly, asks you to consider your overall strategy before jumping in.

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Web-based Marketing

As the world evolves, the Web plays an ever increasing part in how all companies go to market. The on-going evolution of the tools available to effectively use the Web in its various incarnations is tough to stay on top of. This paper provides an overview of current thinking in the use of Web-based Marketing and can be followed up with a free resource guide mentioned at the end of the paper.

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