Marketing Accountability and Marketing ROI

As a marketing executive or manager, you’re being held accountable for outcomes from the investment your company makes in marketing. Lack of agreement on what those outcomes, and how the company measures their value versus the resources invested are often at the root of the marketing blame game.

We can help you avoid the blame game

Clear expectations short-circuit the accountability blame game. Our approach to marketing accountability and ROI is to start with a marketing plan that is specifically and unambiguously tied to agreed upon business outcomes. You can learn how to create this type of plan in one of our public workshops, or we can help you create your strategy and plan one-to-one.

Don’t overlook the basics
In pursuit of Marketing ROI (sometimes called MROI or Return on Marketing Investment [ROMI])the basics often get left behind. To be successful you and your company have to agree on the definition of three terms:

  1. Marketing
  2. Investment
  3. Return

This may seem obvious, but many organizations go forward assuming common definitions. Failure to explicitly agree is at the root of many painful ROI disconnects. To learn more about this, read our free white paper, Marketing ROI: Is What You are Measuring Really Marketing ROI?

And even when you have agreement, your ROI measurements may still be ineffective. Many early measurements were created to justify, rather than actually measure the effectiveness of marketing activities. They may, in fact, make things worse. Learn more in our free white paper, Are Your Marketing Activities Worthwhile? Why Marketing ROI Misses the Mark

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