Marketing Operations

From a relatively obscure function, Marketing Operations has gained prominence and visibility over the last 10 years. There are several factors that are now aligned to allow forward-thinking Marketing Operations functions to further increase their value and visibility in the company:

  • Marketing is a fragmented function with responsibility and authority split between many different areas within larger companies
  • The CMO is almost never truly responsible for all of Marketing in their company
  • The CMO is still held accountable for Marketing’s failures within the company
  • The Marketing Operations function is the best cross-silo, cross-divisional approach to driving Marketing Performance Management acceleration in a large company

Since Marketing is so highly fragmented in the multi-divisional or multi-product line company, managing the execution of an effective Marketing strategy across the entire company can be problematic.

Understanding the interaction of the multi-functional Marketing activities necessary to support the effective execution of a potentially effective Marketing strategy can impractical due to the fragmented responsibilities involved. Marketing Operations is uniquely positioned to fill that gap.

If you are ready to take your Marketing Operations function from primarily a project management, number crunching, report generating activity, mostly limited to focusing on the sales support and promotional aspects of Marketing, to one that drives increased Marketing performance across the entire company, we can help you get there.

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