To measure is to know.”

James Maxwell

Measuring the wrong things is not only wasteful, it can easily lead to bad decisions.

Whatever customer-facing process (marketing, sales, customer service, etc.) for which you wish to create metrics or measurements must have a purpose. That purpose must support a business goal or strategy. The two keys to creating the right metrics and measurements are:

  1. Identifying what you need to monitor to make sure your process is producing effectively and efficiently
  2. Understanding what outputs you need to measure (and what metrics should you use) to make sure your process is producing what is expected


“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions.”

Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

We offer in-house workshops to facilitate your ability to produce a useful set of metrics and measurements. Alternatively, we can offer consulting advice or review of what you have already created. Once the appropriate metrics and measurements are put in place, monitoring those items becomes an important question.

Dashboards can be a useful way to monitor your process. We can assist you in developing useful dashboards and management reports based on the right set of metrics and measurement points. Our method focuses on assuring you have a useful understanding of the process you want to measure, monitor and improve, and then working with you to develop a comprehensive set of measurements to allow you to effectively manage the process.

Depending on your preferences for having us do it for you versus doing it with you determines our approach. However, the primary difference in our approach to creating marketing/sales dashboards or other monitoring tools is in first assuring that the process of interest is understood. It is too easy to go off and create a pretty marketing/sales dashboard that is graphically wonderful, but does not provide the necessary information to make management decisions that will improve results.

To find out how we would approach your specific needs: