Lean Marketing/Sales Workshop

Smart companies become agile and very competitive by adopting and perfecting a concept that has come to be called Lean Thinking — a business practice that has proven to be sustainable and useful; it also symbolizes a profound change in business culture. And this can be applied to any size company.

By showing you how to apply the concepts of Lean Thinking to marketing and sales processes, this workshop provides you with a unique and powerful new perspective to improve top-line results. This innovative workshop is specifically designed to help you improve your marketing and sales results; it will help you identify the problems and waste keeping you from being efficient and will assist you in improving your existing processes.
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Effective Sales Management Workshop

Simply put, this 1-day workshop is about teaching you a new approach to sales management that will get you better results. If you are happy with the results you are getting and are not open to exploring new methods, you don’t need or won’t like this workshop.

As with most of what we do, we are going to take a process-based management approach to showing you a more effective way to manage sales.

This is not a theory-based workshop. You will apply what you learn to your sales process in the workshop. The ideas and methods presented in this workshop are “battle tested.” They work in the real world with live human beings. We know because we have done it.

We will show you what works; why it works; and how to apply it to your company … the next day, if you are so inclined.
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Business Process Improvement Workshop

This is a one-day hands-on workshop designed to teach people how to improve top-line results using business process improvement
methods. All business activities are run by processes. Some of those processes are robust and others, not so much. The Lean Marketing/Sales workshop is a prerequisite to this workshop.
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Influence Mapping Workshop

By the end of this 1/2-day, interactive workshop you will learn how to dramatically improve your abilities to do each of these mission-critical things: First, you will walk through a guided example of the Influence Mapping process, and generate some interesting “Ah-hahs!” on the way.
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Build A Measurable Marketing Plan Workshop

In this workshop you will:

  • Acquire a new repeatable process using a mapping methodology for creating a customer-centric, measurable marketing plan
  • Have a framework to tie marketing’s efforts to your business results
  • Have a blueprint of your specific marketing plan that connects proposed activities to business outcomes
  • Have applied this learning to your specific marketing plan efforts
  • Begin to develop an initial set of outcome, operational and activity/output-based metrics for measuring your marketing
  • Be able to use what they learn to update and improve this plan and the next one too

Anyone tasked with managing marketing or any function within marketing and their team will gain value from this workshop. It is designed to teach and apply a blueprint and framework to your actual marketing plan efforts. Working teams are encouraged to attend as they will be able to do real work on their marketing plan efforts during the workshop while learning these effective methods.
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