Build a Measurable Marketing Plan


What is This Workshop About?

The term “marketing plan” has a variety of meanings depending upon the role of marketing in the company. For some companies the role of marketing is primarily about building brand, generating leads, promoting products, messaging, etc.

For other companies the role of marketing can also include the front-end efforts of new product/service definition, new market selection, research, customer insights, etc.

No matter your personal responsibility, your marketing efforts require a plan. Operating without a marketing plan is akin to taking a road trip without a map. While you may eventually get there, it is more likely you will get lost.

However, building a marketing plan, no matter its scope, that does not tie to the business’ outcomes and that cannot be measured is not an effective plan … by definition.

By the end of this workshop people will:

Acquire a new repeatable process using a mapping methodology for creating a customer-centric, measurable marketing plan
Have a framework to tie marketing’s efforts to your business results
Have a blueprint of your specific marketing plan that connects proposed activities to business outcomes
Have applied this learning to your specific marketing plan efforts
Begin to develop an initial set of outcome, operational and activity/output-based metrics for measuring your marketing
Be able to use what they learn to update and improve this plan and the next one too

Who Should Attend

Anyone tasked with managing marketing or any function within marketing and their team. This workshop is designed to teach and apply a blueprint and framework to your actual marketing plan efforts. Working teams are encouraged to attend as they will be able to do real work on their marketing plan efforts during the workshop while learning these effective methods.

Where and When

We are scheduling specific locations at this time. When and where the workshops will be scheduled depends on a bunch of variables, including whether there is enough interest from a particular location to do it there.

If you are interested in attending one you can indicate your interest and we will let you know the precise date(s) in your area and then you can make a final decision about having your people attend.

What Other Attendees Have Said About This Workshop

“Very pragmatic and useful approach of connecting business strategy and goals to a marketing plan.”
“If you desire a workshop that provides an opportunity for hands-on activities directly focused on your company, this workshop will do that.”
“While we’ve developed a marketing plan each year, never has it made as much sense as it does now.”
“Excellent, practical experience. Walked away with a useful tool and good, reasonable action items.”
“The workshop simplifies marketing plans to understand and execute.”
“A great, easy to understand approach to developing your corporate growth plan.”
“This workshop really helped educate our entire team on how to best use marketing to achieve business results.”
“Informative, understandable, useful and applicable.”
“This workshop allows you to breakdown your marketing plan piece by piece to simplify each step.”
“If implemented effectively, this workshop will help your company become much more effective with your marketing.”

What’s The Investment

You can’t get better without making an investment. Your investment for this workshop is the time you are away from the office plus $1,495 per team (up to five people per team). If you want to send more than one team or more than five people on a team, it is $250 per person.