Influence Mapping


What is This Workshop About?

There are two realities about marketing today that everyone faces:

  1. Marketing = Influence: Whatever you do in marketing, it’s goal is to influence your target’s behavior. Whether it’s to make an impression on them, get them to think differently, buy something, or check you out on line, everything you do is focused on creating influence. It is becoming harder and harder to cut through the clutter to make an impact on Decision Makers; in fact, we often have our greatest impact on influencing the influencer’s of the target Decision Maker.
    Marketing Budgets are Shrinking: Perhaps a resounding, “Duhhhh!” is appropriate, but it’s real; few are getting appreciably more resources to get the marketing job done. The simple answer is to do less of what doesn’t work and more of what does (do I hear another “Duhhhh”?); but how do you do that?

  3. By the end of this 1/2-day, interactive workshop you will learn how to dramatically improve your abilities to do each of these mission-critical things: First, you will walk through a guided example of the Influence Mapping process, and generate some interesting “Ah-hahs!” on the way.

Then, working in small teams with other (non-competing) workshop attendees, you will tackle a problem offered by one of your group’s members to generate a specific action plan for influencing the influencers with minimal impact on your budget. In fact, the new initiatives are often self-funded with savings derived from other, less influential activities.

Influence Mapping is a tool that can be applied to many aspects of marketing (usually more segment focused) and sales (usually more account focused); the outcomes are the same: clear tactical plans to generate the maximum influence with the minimum resources.


Who Should Attend

Anyone working in or managing: Marketing, Sales, Marketing Communications, PR, Product, Channel, Brand or Advertising.

This workshop is designed to teach and apply a unique and powerful influencer framework to your actual marketing and sales efforts.

Working teams are encouraged to attend as they will be able to do real work on their marketing and sales efforts during the workshop while learning these effective methods.

Where and When

We are scheduling specific locations at this time. When and where the workshops will be scheduled depends on a bunch of variables, including whether there is enough interest from a particular location to do it there.

If you are interested in attending one you can indicate your interest and we will let you know the precise date(s) in your area and then you can make a final decision about having your people attend.


What Other Attendees Have Said About Our Workshops

  • “I found this workshop eye-opening, and will be able to implement its teachings.”
  • “Any company that will take the time to apply the principles taught in this class will see positive results to the top and bottom line.”
  • “Your well prepared material was top notch and kept the interest level in the room way up.”
  • “We really enjoyed the workshop – thanks for helping us make it applicable to our real-world problems.”
  • “Humorous, articulate, and focused, [you] captured the group’s attention from the beginning and never let go.”

What’s The Investment

You can’t get better without making an investment. Your investment for this workshop is the time you are away from the office plus $995 per team (up to five people per team). If you want to send more than five people it is $250 per person after the first five.