Lean Marketing/Sales Workshop


What’s This Workshop About

Smart companies become agile and very competitive by adopting and perfecting a concept that has come to be called Lean Thinking — a business practice that has proven to be sustainable and useful; it also symbolizes a profound change in business culture. And this can be applied to any size company.

By showing you how to apply the concepts of Lean Thinking to marketing and sales processes, this workshop provides you with a unique and powerful new perspective to improve top-line results. This innovative workshop is specifically designed to help you improve your marketing and sales results; it will help you identify the problems and waste keeping you from being efficient and will assist you in improving your existing processes.

Lean Marketing/Sales is a simple concept based on process. Improve the process and the process will improve your outcomes. The challenge to become more efficient and effective is driven by the competitive mandate to “do more with less.” The only way to accomplish this objective is to better utilize the resources available to you.

Lean Marketing/Sales teaches attendees a straightforward methodology which clearly identifies barriers to success. To gain the most from this workshop, we recommend 3-5 attendees from each company (the monetary investment is the same regardless of the number of people who attend from the company … up to five).

By the end of this course attendees will have been shown:

  • The application of process management principles to marketing and sales processes
  • How to incorporate these principles into small projects or large cross-functional marketing and sales initiatives
  • How individually they can make a difference with the ideas and techniques from this workshop
  • What makes Lean Thinking work; how to use it in the marketing and sales areas of your company … the next day
  • How to incorporate this leading-edge concept and turn it into a standard operating practice
  • How to use the concepts to improve results … now


Who Should Attend

This workshop is for companies, divisions of companies, and departments within companies that are ready to move beyond gut feel and guess work as the primary driver for marketing and sales decisions. If you’re ready to change how you manage marketing and sales to get better and more predictable top-line results, then this workshop is for you.

We recommend that 3-5 people come from the company, division or department (it’s the same price whether you have one person or five) because they can work on real company issues during this workshop. This can include marketing people, sales management people, finance people and of course, general managers. All should find value in what this workshop offers.

Where and When

We have not scheduled specific locations at this time. When and where the next workshops will be scheduled depends on a bunch of variables, including whether there is enough interest from a particular location to do it there.

If you are interested in attending one you can indicate your interest and we will let you know the precise date(s) in your area and then you can make a final decision about attending.

What Other Attendees Have Said About This Workshop

  • “Takes the grey area of marketing and clarifies it into an understandable process.”
  • “I found this workshop eye-opening, and will be able to implement its teachings.”
  • “Very good process engineering that many companies should adopt.”
  • “This course caused us to look at our customer qualification process in a whole new way.”
  • “A great introduction and use of exercises to lift the veil on marketing process improvement.”
  • “Super for sales, marketing, and related executives and managers to attend together.”
  • “The message hit home, off to begin constructing my process maps.”
  • “The techniques learned help bring order to what has traditionally been a chaotic process”
  • “This is going to help us better communicate between marketing and sales”
  • “Any company that will take the time to apply the principles taught in this class will see positive results to the top and bottom line.”


What’s The Investment

You can’t get better without making an investment. This workshop involves several investments on your part to get the results you need, want, and demand. Here are the three investments:

  • The one day that attendees are not at work doing whatever it is they would have done that day
  • The change(s) you will need to accept to make what we are going to teach work in your company
  • $1,495 per company for up to five people per company