Effective Sales Management Workshop


What’s This Workshop About

Simply put, this 1-day workshop is about teaching you a new approach to sales management that will get you better results. If you are happy with the results you are getting and are not open to exploring new methods, you don’t need or won’t like this workshop.

As with most of what we do, we are going to take a process-based management approach to showing you a more effective way to manage sales.

This is not a theory-based workshop. You will apply what you learn to your sales process in the workshop. The ideas and methods presented in this workshop are “battle tested.” They work in the real world with live human beings. We know because we have done it.

We will show you what works; why it works; and how to apply it to your company … the next day, if you are so inclined.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for anyone responsible for managing sales organizations or teams (full time or part time) of any size who want to learn truly new, proven, and effective methods to manage sales for better results.

Where and When

We are scheduing these one-day workshops in major cities/areas around the U.S., Canada and the UK and Ireland. Specific timing and location choice will depend on several variables, including the level of interest by geography. Please indicate your interest in this workshop. We will let you know what is scheduled for your area and you can make a final decision about attending.

What’s The Investment

There are two investments:

The one day that you are not at work doing whatever it is you would have done that day
$795 per person

Indicate your interest in this workshop.