Bayard Bookman, Principal

Bayard Bookman has many years of extensive and diversified general management, operations, and marketing experience in a variety of manufacturing and service industries. His background includes start-up, turn-around, growth-mode, and mature companies ranging in size from less than $1million to Fortune 200 level. Experienced as an owner/CEO and senior manager, Bayard brings first-hand bottom line expertise to Customer Manufacturing Group clients.

Bayard’s functional expertise includes overall business operations, manufacturing, market and product planning, and product management. His breadth of experience is now focused on organizational performance, business processes, innovation performance, and market intelligence issues key to the Customer Manufacturing® System. He has worked in single-site, multi-site and multi-national environments, and has keen insights into the people component of high performance, results-imperative organizations, particularly those involved with change processes. As a member of the Customer Manufacturing Group since 1991, Bayard’s expertise in the Customer Manufacturing® System is concentrated on evaluating clients’ Environmental Influences, Solution Development, Customer and Process Development and Improvement processes.

He has designed and managed rational business processes and systems for such companies as Varian, Raychem, Fairchild Semiconductor, National Semiconductor, Gould-AMI, Morgan Data Conversion, Teledyne, LMI DynaVision, Timbertech Corporation, Caster Concepts, E3 consulting, Wold Architects and Engineers, Womack Machine Supply, PBA Health, Jetco Delivery, Cellebrite Corporation, Passco and KNEX to name a few.

Bayard Bookman holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Southern California and an M.S. in Industrial Management from San Jose State University. He has served as a stand-in instructor in the MBA program at Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business, and has also served as a volunteer tutor at the Mountain View / Los Altos Adult Education Center.

As a principal with Customer Manufacturing Group, Bayard initiated and has conducted three interview-based programs for its clients:
• Market Position Surveys
• Lost Business and Opportunity Surveys
• Client Survey Coaching

In these interviewing programs he has conducted survey projects for over forty Customer Manufacturing Group clients comprised in excess of 1,200 contacts, ranging from CEOs to all levels of upper, middle and lower management and shop floor supervisors.

The most significant lesson learned from all these interviews — and it is a constant learning and improving process — is that listening is both science and art, and that the interviewer has never heard all that a contact had to tell him; if only he had posed smarter questions and listened more intently, not within his own mind but from the mind of the interviewee.

Additionally, Bayard has designed for and trained CMG clients on a variety of Process Improvement projects applying quantitative, analytical and graphic methodology dealing with customer-facing and internal operations effectiveness in Marketing and Sales activities.

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