Jeff Krawitz, Principal

During the final year of his engineering studies at the University of Illinois, Jeff realized that, for him, the business side of technology was the perfect place to be … and that an MBA was the best route to get there. From his first career job in technical marketing with RCA, to his current positions of consultant and Adjunct Professor, Jeff has dealt with a multitude complex business problems. He brings his unique combination of technical knowledge (process), business savvy (fix it now!), and academic theory (what’s coming next?) to his clients and students alike.

Currently, as a Principal of Customer Manufacturing Group (CMG), Jeff assists clients in improving their marketing and sales efficacy. Using several proprietary tools he has helped develop at CMG, Jeff assists his clients in quickly transforming their existing marketing and selling activities into more efficient and effective process-oriented functions. By relentlessly focusing on identifying and delivering customer value, organizations quickly strip away wasteful activities, remove bottlenecks, and find ways to continuously improve their performance.

In addition to managing client relationships for the Customer Manufacturing Group, Jeff oversees the training components associated with many Customer Manufacturing System installations. He also applies his in-depth knowledge of sales channel distribution to help clients refine the Customer Development element of their System to Manufacture Customers. A dynamic speaker and presenter, Jeff is also an invited expert to speak at company meetings and association events.

In addition to his work at CMG, Jeff is also an Adjunct Professor of Marketing in the Graduate Schools of Business at Columbia University and New York University (NYU). Working with some of the brightest and most accomplished MBA-candidates in the world, Jeff searches for ways to continuously improve the marketing function using technology and contemporary academic thinking – all the while embracing a customer-centric perspective. He also oversees the marketing curriculum at the not-for-profit Mountbatten Institute working with European nationals in the U.S. for on a one-year internship and training program.

Prior to co-founding CMG, Jeff had his own consulting company, Sales R&D, based in Sunnyvale, CA, where he assisted his clients in developing their selling competencies. From 1980-1996, he held various positions in sales, sales management, and channel marketing for the high-tech Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Prior to that, he was a product marketing manager for two smaller semiconductor companies.

Jeff received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois in 1973, and his M.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Pittsburgh in 1974. He has lived and worked in the New York/Mid-Atlantic area, upper Midwest, and the San Francisco Bay Area, and now resides (back home) in New Jersey.
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