Neil Reckon, Principal

Neil Reckon has spent over twenty years helping companies increase Revenue by implementing more efficient and effective business process infrastructures to increase companies’ productivity and profitability. Working with growth-oriented organizations ranging from manufacturing to distribution and services businesses, he has focused on Revenue management improvement for Marketing and Sales

Neil developed his use of manufacturing process disciplines in his consulting practice helping clients install continuous improvement management methods for their marketing and sales programs. These methods allowed his clients to determine sales efficiencies from a level of detail as specific as the return on investment of promotional activities, to a higher level such as determining rate of growth in comparison to market leaders.

As an architect of the Customer Manufacturing Group’s System to Manufacture Customers, Neil applied these proven manufacturing process principles to produce a consistent and measurable marketing/sales process, which includes Constraint Theory, Continuous Improvement, and Lean Thinking, key elements of the Customer Manufacturing System.

Neil espouses Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s concept of “continuous improvement” for himself as well as for every client he works with. Neil serves on the Board of Directors of Florite Corporation. He has been associated with Vistage (an international organization of CEOs), the American Electronics Association, and the Southern California Grocers Association. He majored in Business Administration at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. He served as faculty for a Royal Bank of Scotland Business program and is a resource to the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. Working with mostly privately owned companies, some of his high profile clients have been Xerox, Cannon, IBM, Motorola, and Goldman Sachs

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